About Us

Who We Are

Founded in July of 2021, Almost Heaven Marketing is an online-based marketing consulting firm, that was designed specifically for small businesses. In the midst of the COVID-19 chaos, we were continuously reminded of the economic impact that this "pandemic" had created, especially on small businesses. With the off and on restrictions imposed by the government, many small businesses have closed permanently, and others are still struggling to survive. In light of this economic hardship, we aim to show small business owners (SBOs), that marketing is not as complicated or as expensive as they may perceive. With varying methods, we offer solutions for ALL SBOs, along with the opportunity to learn more about marketing processes, so that they may handle some of its tasks on their own. We are focused and dedicated to assisting small businesses thrive, and to help them return to normalcy, especially in these difficult times.

What We Do

We find it difficult to describe exactly what it is that we do because we do what is necessary for your business to thrive. Yes, we offer traditional marketing services, which are listed here, but for us, our work is more than just making your site look pretty or creating some glamorous ad. At A.H. MKT, we want to do more than just beautify certain aspects, we want to increase your knowledge and confidence when dealing with a variety of marketing tasks. Can we handle advertising campaigns and websites? Yes, but we offer you so much more!