Social Media

What is Social Media?

We have all heard about social media, but what exactly is it? In a nutshell, social media or social networking sites, are online/virtual communities that allow their users to create, exchange, cooperate, and communicate with not only the people within their community, but all over the world, for free (most of the time). When most of us hear the term “social media,” we think of the big three, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but those are not the only ones. There are too many to list them all, but here are a few social media sites that are popular here in the United States are TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest and YouTube.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the most popular method of digital marketing, that refers to the integration of marketing with social media platforms by utilizing tools readily available to their users. These platforms allow businesses in one area, to expose their products and/or services to consumers that they typically would not be able to reach.

Social Media Presence

With the vast number of people that use social media, which is continually increasing, it is a phenomenal way for businesses to reach their customer base, increase their exposure, and to attract new business. However, in order to take advantage of these opportunities, a business must establish themselves on these platforms. That is simply the first step. If a business wishes to get the most out of social media, they have to maintain a healthy and interactive presence. Just having a social media page simply will not suffice.

Advertising via Social Media

Aside from the free aspects of social media, most of them also offer paid advertising services, and different pricing options. Most platforms allow you establish a daily, monthly, or yearly budget, so it is more affordable than you may think.

Listed below are a few of the ad payment options many sites offer:


“Pay for Results”

“Manual Ad Bidding”

“Automatic Ad Bidding”

Why Should Your Business Use Social Media?

Because they allow a business to reach large audiences, with very little cost, and it is not very difficult to use. It is estimated that roughly 4.48 billion people use social media*. Think about that for a second...4.48 billion! That is over half of the world's population. With the vast number of users, social media is one of the greatest methods for businesses to use, when trying to increase their exposure.

*According to Hootsuite article, written by Simon Kemp on 07/22/2021 <>

Which Social Media Platforms Do We Work With?








*TikTok has just recently allowed paid advertising, and is limited.