We all have heard and dealt with advertisements or as many people refer to them, ads. Whether they are commercials on TV, pop-ups on your favorite app, or those pesky videos that interrupt your YouTube video or your favorite show on Hulu. Most businesses understand the importance of marketing, but there is a common misconception when it comes to advertising. Many SBO’s believe that in order for their ads to be seen, they have to spend a bunch of time, effort, and MONEY. What if I told you that there are numerous ways to reach new audiences without spending a fortune?

There Are Two Main Types of Advertising


This may seem too good to be true, but it is true. There are quite a few ways to advertise your business, products, and/or services for free. Now, when we use the term "free," we mean that you do not have to spend money. So, yes, it really is free. Two examples of free advertising are social media platforms, and word of mouth. There are more, but they also require some extra work on your behalf.

*The effectiveness of free advertising is all in how you utilize it.


Sure, you have heard about paid advertising, but did you know that there are options that are actually affordable for smaller businesses? How about being able to target specific age groups, genders, and people within a certain area? Yes, these options exist, predominantly online, and most allow you to set a daily and monthly budget. Aside from digital advertising, there are other methods.

A few examples of other paid advertising options are:

Outdoor Advertising (billboards, signs)

Media Advertising (radio, newspaper, TV)

Print Advertising (flyers, brochures, banners)

What advertising services do we offer?


This is where you or your business assigns a campaign project to us, and we handle it all. All that you do is fill out the form, and we handle the rest.



This is when we create an advertising plan for a campaign, and we present it to you. Then you execute the plan.

Ad Methods

The advertising methods that we offer are:

Digital (Bing, Google)

Social Media Ads (see social media)

Print Ad Campaigns

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